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Default Values

If your school has lots of classes it can be really annoying to repeat filling the same values again and again. This is why we added default values to school settings.

Setting options

Easy School Registration - Default values settings

You can find them in Settings -> Administration -> Default Values. Right now, there are two options. Default Price and Default Times. You can add one price and as many time options as you want. After you save these options they will be visible in course editor. If you try to add new course, default price will be already filled and you will see default times under time input.

Easy School Registration - Default values in Course editor


Wave start/end date

One more thing that could be considered as default option could be found in Wave settings. Here you can set date when courses start and ends. This option will be then used in Course editor.

Easy School Registration - Edit wave start/end time

In Course editor you will select your wave. And then if you change Course Day it will automatically counted values for Course Date From-To. This dates are based on Wave start/end date and Day you selected.

Easy School Registration - Edit course times

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