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Users & Students – Details Correction

Every team member managing the ESR for your school, as well as every student that registers for your courses, is a WordPress User. What the differences are and how to fix names and emails (in case they put it incorrectly during the registration) is described below.


Important WordPress User Roles:

  • Administrator
    • Can view everything in your WordPress
    • Can make changes to ESR and any other plugin, pages, etc
    • Can change other User roles/names/emails
  • Student (ESR-specific role)
    • Created for every single registered student (even if you turn off User Registration Email)
    • Can log into WordPress and see only Student Info section (more below)
    • Cannot make any changes within WordPress or Student Info section


How to fix incorrect details:

  • Go to Users section
  • Search for the user
  • Adjust name/surname/displayed name/email
  • Save


Can I change details directly in ESR?

ESR uses the email address as the identification of the WordPress user. When you adjust the username in the Users section, ESR will automatically display the correct name associated to that email.

In ESR, you can easily change who is paired with whom but for user management, use Users section.


Users added via Add Over Limit

When you add a student via Add Over Limit section, their user account will be automatically created in your WordPress but they will not receive the User Registration Email.


Where can Student log in?

All users (including Administrators and Students) can log in via “www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin”.
E.g. www.easyschoolregistration.com/wp-admin

We recommend mentioning this URL in the User Registration Email


Students cannot log into your WordPress

Most probably an incorrect password -> Student’s can click “Lost Your Password?” to reset it

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