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ESR Registration Form [esr_course_registration]

ESR Registration Form is an interactive (clickable) timetable & questionnaire for your courses. It will be displayed only at the time specified in Waves -> Registration From/To. Before and after that time&date, the message from Settings -> Schedule/Registration -> Open/Closed will be displayed. 

To display the ESR Registration Form or Schedule on your website, you need to insert so called shortcode. The shortcode is a small script that will load the form with specific details (waves, groups, etc) and with a specific layout (days as rows, days as columns, etc).

To insert the ESR Registration Form, you need to use the shortcode with specifying parameters.


Available parameters

  • waves -> one or more Wave IDs divided by commas
  • type -> schedule type
    • by_days -> schedule with days as columns
    • by_hours -> schedule with days as rows
    • by_hours_compact -> schedule with days as rows, courses closely together (skipping free spaces and pauses)
    • not using type parameter -> display the default schedule type, set up in the Settings
  • show_groups -> if set to 1, the Registration Form will show a clickable filter for Groups
  • filter_group -> one or more Group IDs, displaying only courses in specified groups



  • Registration for one wave – [ esr_course_registration waves="1" type="by_days" ]
  • Registration for multiple waves – [ esr_course_registration waves="1,2" type="by_hours" ]
  • Registration with group filter displayed – [ esr_course_registration waves="1" type="by_hours" show_groups="1" ]

Using Quick Form Builder

Knowing the available parameters (above) is important. But in order to simplify it and prevent mistakes, you can use a dedicated Form Builder to create either a Registration Form or a Schedule.

  • Create or Edit your Page
  • Click ESR Shortcode button
  • Specify the Shortcode Type (reg form or schedule)
  • Select which Waves to display
  • Specify Additional Settings if needed

Note: Always paste the shortcode without any formatting. To make sure you paste it as pure text, use Shift+Ctrl+V (or Shift+Cmd+V on MacOS).

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