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ESR Schedule [esr_wave_schedule]

ESR Schedule is a non-interactive timetable of your courses. It is possible to display it at any time no matter the Registration From/To date&time -> ideal for showing students the upcoming class schedule before the Registration Form becomes available. 

To display the ESR Registration Form or Schedule on your website, you need to insert so called shortcode. The shortcode is a small script that will load the form with specific details (waves, groups, etc) and with a specific layout (days as rows, days as columns, etc).

To insert the ESR Schedule, you need to use the shortcode with specifying parameters.

Available parameters

  • waves -> one or more Wave IDs divided by commas
  • type -> schedule type
    • by_days -> schedule with days as columns
    • by_hours -> schedule with days as rows
    • by_hours_compact -> schedule with days as rows, courses closely together (skipping free spaces and pauses)
    • not using type parameter -> display the default schedule type, set up in the Settings
  • show_groups -> if set to 1, the Registration Form will show a clickable filter for Groups
  • filter_group -> one or more Group IDs, displaying only courses in specified groups


  • Schedule for one wave – [ esr_wave_schedule waves="1" type="by_days" ]
  • Schedule for multiple waves – [ esr_wave_schedule waves="1,2" type="by_hours" ]
  • Schedule with group filter displayed – [ esr_wave_schedule waves="1" type="by_hours" show_groups="1" ]

Using Quick Form Builder

Knowing the available parameters (above) is important. But in order to simplify it and prevent mistakes, you can use a dedicated Form Builder to create either a Registration Form or a Schedule.

  • Create or Edit your Page
  • Click ESR Shortcode button
  • Specify the Shortcode Type (reg form or schedule)
  • Select which Waves to display
  • Specify Additional Settings if needed

Note: Always paste the shortcode without any formatting. To make sure you paste it as pure text, use Shift+Ctrl+V (or Shift+Cmd+V on MacOS).

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