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Bulk Discount

Only available with ESR Discount Module

Offering discounts is a great way to motivate students to enroll in multiple courses and don’t delay the registration. ESR Discount Module allows you to set up several discount types – let’s have a look at Bulk Discounts.

What is a Bulk Discount?

Bulk Discount essentially means “lower price if you buy more”. You can define the discount either for an overall number of courses or for a number of courses in a given Group. (Groups can be set up in the Settings -> General -> Courses)

  • Go to Bulk Discounts
  • Click Add New Discount
  • Select the Wave the discount is applicable for
  • Select the Discount Type (overall number of courses or courses in Group)
  • Use numeric operators in Discount Calculation to define the logic

Discount Calculation

  • Minus Percentage -> deduct a % value from the overall order
  • Minus Price -> deduct a fixed value from the overall order
  • Final Price -> set up a price for the overall order (overrides the Course Price)


  • You can use “more than”, “less than”, “equals or more than”, and “equals or less than”
  • Make sure you have all possible cases covered
    (e.g. defining discounts for only 2 and 3 courses and nothing else would mean full price if you sign up for 4 courses)

Extra info:

  • Any change to (or adding a new) Bulk Discount will also recalculate the current Registrations and Payments that fall into the specifications
    • E.g. a student registered for 2 courses, 100€ each
    • You later decide to add a Bulk Discount, a discount of 20€ for more than 2 courses
    • Since the student’s registration complies with the specification, it will be recalculated and in the Payments you will see he should pay 180€

=> We recommend setting up all discounts prior to opening a Wave and not making changes unless 100% sure you know the impacts

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