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Time Discount (Early Bird)

Only available with ESR Discount Module

Offering discounts is a great way to motivate students to enroll in multiple courses and don’t delay the registration. ESR Discount Module allows you to set up several discount types – let’s have a look at Time Discounts. (aka Early Bird)

What is a Time Discount?

Time Discount essentially means “the sooner you buy, the cheaper it is”. You must define the time range for each discount and its calculation as in other discount types:

  • Go to Time Discounts
  • Click Add New Time Discount
  • Select the Wave the discount is applicable for
  • Use numeric operators in Discount Calculation to define the logic

Discount Calculation

  • Minus Percentage -> deduct a % value from the overall order
  • Minus Price -> deduct a fixed value from the overall order
  • Final Price -> set up a price for the overall order (overrides the Course Price)

Extra info:

  • Any change to (or adding a new) Time Discount will also recalculate the current Registrations and Payments that fall into the given time range
    • E.g. a student registered on the 1st of August for 100€ course
    • You later decide to add a Time Discount and select from 1st of July to 1st of September, a discount of 20€
    • Since the student’s registration falls into that range, it will be recalculated and in the Payments you will see he should pay 80€

=> We recommend setting up all discounts prior to opening a Wave and not making changes unless 100% sure you know the impacts

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