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Floating Price – Discounted Price in Emails

Only available with ESR Discount Module

In order to display correct price including the discount in Course Confirmation Emails, you have to use [floating_price] email tag.

How to set it up:

  1. Go to Settings -> Emails -> General
  2. Select the checkbox Enable Floating Price
  3. Use the email tag in Course Confirmation Email

What is the difference between [course_price] and [floating_price]?

  • Course Price is a fixed price for the given course (e.g. 100€)
  • Floating Price is the price “left to pay” given how much the student was already asked for before


  • Your courses cost 100€ each
  • You have a 25% discount for 2 courses, 33% for 3 courses
  • The student registers for 3 courses
    • He gets confirmed for the first course => the price displayed in the email says 100€
    • Later he gets confirmed for the second course => the price for 2 courses is150€ (2*100€ minus 25%), but he was already asked for 100€ in the previous email, so the [floating_price] tag will tell him please pay “50€” (what he is missing to pay)
    • Then he gets a confirmation for the third course => the price for 3 courses is 198€ (3*100€ minus 33%), but he was already asked for 150€, so the tag will display remaining “48€”

Why is this important?

  • If you want to ask your students for payments right after they get confirmed for each course (e.g. “pay within 4 days”)
  • To make sure they don’t pay the full price and you would have to refund money back because of the discount

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