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EER Registration Form [eer_event_sale]

EeasyEvent Registration Form is an interactive (clickable) ticket selection for your events. It will be displayed only at the time specified in Events -> Sale Starts/Ends. Before and after that time&date, the message from Settings -> General -> Sale Not Open/Closed will be displayed. 

To display the EER Registration Form on your website, you need to insert so called shortcode. The shortcode is a small script that will load the ticket selection for a specific event.

To insert the EER Registration Form, you need to use the shortcode [eer_event_sale] with specifying parameters.

Available parameters

  • event -> specify the Event ID


  • Registration form for Event 1 – [eer_event_sale event="1"]

Note: Always paste the shortcode without any formatting. To make sure you paste it as pure text, use Shift+Ctrl+V (or Shift+Cmd+V on MacOS).

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