A new version of Easy School Registration is out, check out the updates!


  • New: Pairing Mode
  • New: Phone number – hide or make optional
  • Update: Administration edit-box restyling
  • Fix: Register as waiting to partially full course
  • Fix: Applying discounts
  • Fix: Correctly recount waiting after confirm removed registration


Pairing Mode

The biggest change in version 3.1.6 is a new Pairing Mode. This feature was requested by several schools and we listen to your feedback! By default, all registrations are automatically paired and the system is keeping a balance between leaders and followers. Although, there might be cases where you want to manually confirm attendees (to have a better control of who will attend classes) or you want everybody confirmed right away. Now, you are finally able to do so.

  • Automatic – Students will be automatically paired after registration until the course it’s full.
  • Manual – Students will be on a Waiting List until they are manually confirmed. Pairing is disabled.
  • Confirm All – Students will be automatically confirmed after registration until the course it’s full. Pairing is disabled.

Administration pairing mode

Administration Edit-box Restyling

Let me introduce you our new edit box for teachers, waves and courses. Popup windows were good, but this should be better! Let us know how you like it 🙂
Administration new course editor

Phone Number – hide or make optional

If you don’t need to collect phone numbers from students, you can disable it in the Settings section Schedule/Registration -> General. Also, you can now make the Phone Number optional and don’t force anyone to provide it.

Administration hide phone number