Dear all,

We would like to thank you for all your support in 2018. For leaving behind old tools (wink-wink GForms), for trusting us and giving a go to something new. It was your feedback that shaped ESR and we are grateful for it!

Together we made a huge step forward. We developed three modules that can help you manage Discounts in your school, Styles of your schedule/registration, and Attendance of your classes. The whole system has undergone significant improvements. Let us highlight a few of them:


  • Set up Bulk Discounts to motivate taking more classes each block
  • Run Time Discounts to drive early registrations (aka EarlyBird)
  • Offer Checkbox Discounts – ideal for cheaper student prices and more


  • Make the class schedule perfectly blend into your website
  • Select from multiple layouts
  • Allow class filters and color each dance style differently


  • Automatically communicate at every step in the registration process
  • Send payment reminders with one click
  • Export your email lists in Excel, CSV, or just copy to clipboard


Examples from our happy schools:



Exciting 2019

Technology makes everything possible and we are super ambitious. Combine that and you’ve got a looong list of plans for 2019. Here are the top picks:

Bank Verification

  • No more time spent on checking our bank account if the student had paid – this module will do it automatically

Online Payments

  • No bank transfer or cash – welcome to the 21st century

Promo Codes

  • Offer discounts to specific users or promote courses that are harder to fill. Create promo codes with expiration and usage limits. (the first version already available for EasyEvents!)


  • Share video recaps from lessons with your students.

Advanced Statistics

  • There is a lot of useful data at your disposal. Let us help you run your school better with beautiful charts and functional tables.


These are just the top ones you should know about!
In the meantime, we continuously improve individual features to make your life even better.


Let’s ride in 2019 together,
Zbyněk and David from Easy School Registration


Do you not run on EasySchool yet? Let us know!