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The Registration section displays your student sign-ups, their status, and details. You can view and filter, confirm, or edit registrations. 


View, Filter & Search, Copy

Select what you want to see:

  • Click on Column Visibility – select or un-select the columns to your liking
  • Filter & Search – you can use the column headers to sort and filter by or use the search bar on top to look for a specific name/surname/course/etc
  • Copy – clicking on the button Copy will copy all visible data from the Registration table to your clipboard. Open a spreadsheet and paste your data when needed.


You can hover your cursor over the Note icon to see what it says. Or you can click it and the selected Note will be expanded. Or you can click the Note icon in the column header and it will expand all Notes! Short video here.

Edit, Remove, Remove Forever

  • Click on Actions -> Edit
    • Student Email – you change the student by inputting a different email from another student already available in your WordPress
    • Dancing Role – you can adjust the role to Leader of Follower
    • Registered Partner – the partner email address the student signed-up with
    • Paired Partner – the partner email address the student was paired with
  • Remove & Remove Forever – any registration can be removed either from the course or completely from the system
    • Remove – will remove the student’s registration from the specific course, free up space for others, but the record will remain there. We recommend using this to preserve incorrect statistics.
    • Remove Forever – after clicking Remove, you can click Actions button again and you’ll see Remove Forever. Beware, if you remove the record forever, it will not be possible to undo the change.
      Note – the User’s profile will still remain in your WordPress. 

Learn more about Details CorrectionsUsers, Pairing Modes.


Student registered for incorrect course

This will surely happen sooner or later. Or maybe the student talked to you and decided to switch the classes. What to do next?

  • You cannot switch one registration to a different course
  • You can Remove one registration (see above) and add a new one via Add Over Limit



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