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Users – Roles and Access Restriction

Do you want to grant access to ESR (or other parts of your WordPress) only to specific people?

How about Teachers only accessing ESR Registration section to view who is going to attend their classes but without the possibility to change (or break) anything else? Or maybe your Event Manager only accessing the EasyEvents plugin but cannot mess around with ESR classes?

We recommend using User Role Editor:

  1. Download at https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/
  2. Install the plugin to your WordPress


Setting up roles:

  • Go to Users -> User Role Editor
  • You can edit available roles (Student, Teacher, etc) or add your own
  • To define access to ESR sections, use a Quick Filter: esr
  • Each section has 2 access rights (view & edit), e.g. Waves:
    • esr_wave_view ->if selected, the role can only view Wave info
    • esr_wave_edit -> if selected, the role can edit Wave info


Using this external plugin, you are able to granularly define access rights to each section of your WordPress, including ESR. If you have a large team, we strongly recommend using roles for your team to prevent unintentional changes and potential issues.

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